£100,000 of free media for best work entered in Pride Brand Makeover 2018

£100,000 of free media for best work entered in Pride Brand Makeover 2018

Advertising’s LGBT+ network challenges brands and agencies to reimagine their work for more diverse audiences.

LONDON (22 June 2018): PrideAM, advertising’s LGBT+ network, today unveiled its free to enter competition for everyone in adland: Pride Brand Makeover 2018. As much of the world gears up for a summer of LGBT+ Pride festivals, the volunteer-run organisation’s competition poses a single challenge to brands and agencies: reimagine a mainstream campaign for the LGBT+ audience. The competition is designed to highlight the debate around diversity and inclusion in advertising.

The competition was first developed in 2017 and received entries from across the sector, with five winners selected by an independent jury of industry leaders as the best examples of LGBT+ inclusive advertising: Age UK, The Army, Lloyds Bank, Snickers, and Tommee Tippee.

Mark Runacus, PrideAM President, said: “We want you to take one of your recent campaigns aimed at a mainstream audience and re-imagine it for the Pride LGBT+ audience. How would you have done it differently? Why? We want to celebrate exciting, brave, innovative and inclusive work.

“The competition is open to everyone: all kinds of agencies including media, creative, PR and design, freelancers, students, and of course the brand owners themselves.”

Work entered need not have run, and entries can simply be rough ideas, scamps, scripts or concepts.   Entrants are asked to submit their made-over campaigns as one of several YouTube formats.

Runacus explained that for 2018 the competition has expanded, with a number of media organisations offering support.

He said: “Brand Makeover is being taken global with support from YouTube, and Gay Times will give £100,000 (US$130,000) of their media to the best entry, providing an amazing opportunity for any brand and their creative and media agency partners to reach a modern inclusive audience.”

James Frost, Gay Times owner and CEO, said: "As a long-standing supporter of PrideAM, we’re delighted to continue our journey with the organisation and support fresh and exciting new entries to the 2018 Pride Makeover. Brands are in a wonderful position to influence great change, and it’s important that agencies and in-house teams proactively engage in LGBTQ discussion and inclusion in order to ensure to wider representation in advertising."

Age UK and creative agency Drum were selected as one of the best entries of 2017.  Kathi Hall, Head of Content Strategy and Brand at Age UK, said: “Entering the Pride Brand Makeover last year meant a lot to us as a charity, as we are aware that the needs of LGBT+ older people are often overlooked in society. Reworking our own content was a great learning experience and everyone on the team is much more aware that we need to strive to make all of our work as inclusive as possible. I would definitely encourage other brands to take part.”

Pedro Pina, YouTube’s VP Global Client & Agency Solutions, Google, and Executive Sponsor of Gayglers EMEA, said: “We're excited to support PrideAM's effort for more inclusive advertising. Thanks to our strong creator culture, YouTube has been a home to groups that have been underrepresented in traditional media. In the US, 60% of self-identified LGBT+ respondents see positive change for LGBT+ people on YouTube in a way they don’t in traditional media. We hope our participation can help promote and accelerate even more positive change.”

Pride Brand Makeover is also supported by market intelligence provider Creativebrief. Charlie Carpenter, Managing Director of Creativebrief, said: “Supporting PrideAM is something we’re very excited about. Our brief has always been to positively disrupt the industry and to drive a more modern attitude – clearly inclusion and diversity are a huge part of that. PrideAM are doing an amazing job in this area by encouraging brands and agencies of all sizes to reassess the power of their messaging, and to reflect a new and ever-changing society around us.”

About PrideAM and Pride Brand Makeover.

The Pride Brand Makeover is a strictly non-commercial venture. PrideAM is advertising’s LGBT+ network, formed in 2015. It is Not For Profit, run entirely by volunteers who work in advertising and marketing, lobbying for improved LGBT+ presence in mainstream advertising, fighting for a prejudice-free creative working environment, and promoting positive LGBT+ role models.

PrideAM is independent and survives on a few hundred pounds each year to pay for basics like web hosting.  It is grateful for the support it receives from various organisations but does not endorse these organisations in any way.

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