Omnicom Creative Awards Champions Nine LGBT+ Charities

Omnicom Creative Awards Champions Nine LGBT+ Charities

Imagine you’re a global agency. It’s Pride month and you want to do something meaningful to further diversity and inclusion in adland. What do you do? Put together a panel discussion?
Another panel discussion?

Perhaps it’s time for less talking and more doing.

Omnicom’s OPEN Pride network decided to push the boundaries, involving not just creative agencies, but also utilising research and data companies within the worldwide marketing and corporate communications company. The UK team dreamt up a global challenge to its agencies to create pieces of work for the LGBT+ charities of their choice. June 27th saw the culmination of these efforts in an awards night at the Everyman Cinema in Kings Cross, sponsored by Digital Cinema Media.
The Omnicom Creative Challenge, organised by Jay Pepera, Business Development Coordinator at TBWA London, drew attention to nine different causes in all.


RAPP London teamed up with Mermaids, the advice and information service for young transgender people and their families, to create a more direct online route to questions that parents might need answered as they support their trans children. Via the power of Google’s search engine, RAPP hope to ensure that friendly and useful video content reaches the people who need it as soon as possible.
Trans children who are accepted by their parents are 50% less likely to consider suicide.
Collecting the Creativity For Good Award, Global Solutions Director for Rapp, Jon Pollard, told the audience it was something he’d become very passionate about. 

DDB Mumbai created the Open Closet campaign for the Humsafar Trust, the oldest LGBTQ organisation in India, to educate on LGBT+ life experiences. It won them the Impact Award.


Winner of the Craft category and overall winner of OPEN Pride Campaign of the Year was Proximity London’s new campaign for UK Black Pride. The award was presented by Chief Executive of Stonewall, Ruth Hunt, to Lady Phyll, co-founder of UK Black Pride.


Other LGBT+ charities that will be supported by this ground-breaking competition are Stay Brave, Schools Out UK, Naz & Matt Foundation, The Albert Kennedy Trust, The Outside Project and the London LGBTQ Community Centre. 
Hunt described the event as “incredible” but added that it was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems that the LGBT+ community faces.


Following the creation of its first chapter in the UK in early 2017, Omnicom’s OPEN Pride network now has chapters as far afield as Mumbai, Manilla, Sydney, New York, Chicago and St Louis. OPEN Pride Greater China launched last year, with celebrity TV talkshow host Jin Xing discussing her transitioning experiences with Omnicom Group Vice Chairman and Chairman of Asia Pacific, Serge Dumont, at their Leadership Series event. 

“Every Omnicom agency can join in this initiative. And seeing research agencies getting involved has been amazing,” said Paul Dazeley, Senior Planner at Proximity. 

OPEN Pride UK hope that their LGBT+ Creative Challenge will become an annual event and look forward to receiving many more ingenious entries next year. 

Written by Phil Clements, Spokesperson for PrideAM

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