Welcome to the Pride Brand Makeover

It’s a free-to-enter competition to create brave and inspiring work. 

We are all about encouraging all brands to include positive LGBT+ content in their work because we believe that more inclusive advertising will have a positive impact on your brand, and more importantly it will have a positive impact on our society as a whole.

So if like us, you believe we can harness the power of advertising for good, join in.

How does it work?

We want you to take a current campaign aimed at a mainstream audience and give it a makeover for the pride audience.

Entries are open to all, whether you're in-house, at an agency, a freelancer or a student and the winners will be chosen after Pride in London by an expert industry panel. With your permission they will also run - fully attributed to you - in Diva magazine, Gay Times and The Drum. The call for entries closes on July 31st.

How do I enter?

  1. Decide which campaign you’re going to make-over. We’d like you to pick one of your current or recent campaigns from any sector. 

  2. Then think about how you would re-imagine that campaign targeted at the Pride audience.

  3. The work does not have to run. We’re looking for brave and original ideas inspired by simply re-framing the target audience for the campaign.

  4. Your original campaign might have run on TV.  You may decide your makeover campaign should run in social media. Or in Out Of Home. Or create another version of the original TV film. The channel you choose could be part of the creative idea.  Just tell us why you selected that particular medium for your made-over campaign.

  5. Your ideas can be for a campaign in absolutely any medium, in any channel, on any platform.

  6. To enter fill in the form below. You'll need to include an example of the original campaign, your concepts for the makeover (JPEG, PDF etc), 100-words supporting your entry. 

  7. Any questions? E-mail mark@prideam.org 


Fill in the form

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