Pride Brand Makeover 2018




Welcome to the Pride Brand Makeover 2018. We ran the very first Makeover just last year and we were blown away by the interest, so for 2018 we’re delighted to bring you an even bigger Pride Brand Makeover #PBM18. ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN!

The idea is simple. Take a mainstream campaign you’ve already run, and go back to the brief and re-imagine it especially for the Pride audience. How would you have done it differently? How would you have made it much more LGBT+ friendly? And don’t forget pride is most definitely LGBT PLUS. That includes our families, friends, co-workers and straight allies. It’s a massive inclusive community of modern, liberal and diverse consumers.

And it’s absolutely free to enter. Yes, nothing, nada, zilch. That’s because we’re a volunteer-run network with no commercial aims whatsoever. We survive on just a few hundred quid each year to cover basics like web hosting and stuff. We keep it free because we want to remove all the barriers for brands and their creative partners to start including LGBT+ content in their mainstream advertising as part of a joined-up inclusion and diversity strategy.

But we couldn't do this without supporters. This year one of them is Gay Times who will give the overall winner of #PBM18 £100,000 of free media from their inventory. Amazing! We also have support from YouTube, and from Creativebrief which brings brands and agencies together to make the industry’s most powerful and recognisable work.

How to enter

1. WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES. If you'd like to be kept up to date with with #PBM18 please sign up to our mailing list. Over the next few months we hope to provide case studies, a How To guide and an event to inspire you.

2. Decide which of your campaigns you’re going to make over.

3.Then re-create that campaign for the Pride audience. And remember we’re a diverse bunch coming in all colours, ages, religions, abilities, from across the gender and sexual identity spectrum.

4.You do NOT have to send us finished work. The work does NOT have to have run. Rough ideas, scamps, scripts, and storyboards are what we want to see. Your ideas will be judged by industry experts who see work like this every day. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to enter.

5.Submit your re-imagined campaign as it would appear on YouTube.  That could be a static image, a six second bumper film, or a 30 second TrueView film. To recap, you do NOT have to make a film, just send us the rough idea, script or storyboard.

6.Upload your entry using this Google form.

7.Absolutely anyone, anywhere can enter. Brands, creative agencies, media agencies, design agencies, PR, content, consultancies, freelancers, students. LGBT+ and straight, and more. If your entry is selected as amongst the best and we share it, it's important you've obtained the necessary permissions including formal sign-off from the relevant brand owner. If you enter from outside the UK please ensure your submission and supporting materials are in English.

Making great LGBT+ friendly work

The judges will be looking for brave, bold, and challenging work. They will select the campaigns that make the LGBT+ community proud and show everyone that diversity and inclusion creates a better world. They will select campaigns that reflect positively on the brand carrying the message, and that will encourage other brand owners to include LGBT+ content in their campaigns.

The judges will reject campaigns that they believe are merely “gaywashing” existing work - metaphorically sticking a rainbow on an old campaign.

All work entered should not cause offence, and should be lawful and compliant.

There are some more detailed terms and conditions too. And please review our privacy policy.

Submitting your entries

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES. Please use you can use this Google form to upload your entry details.The closing date has been extended to Friday 26th October 2018. We hope to announce which campaigns have been selected as the best by the end of November 2018.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch please use the pop up form to subscribe to our mailing list or email us at  Don’t forget we’re all volunteers so you probably won’t get a reply straight away. You can also try messaging us on Twitter @PrideAMuk


We couldn’t run The Pride Brand Makeover without supporters. Thank you to all of them. Nevertheless PrideAM is fiercely independent, lobbying for increased LGBT+ content in mainstream advertising and for a prejudice free creative working environment, and we do not endorse any organisation involved in the Pride Brand Makeover. There is absolutely no commercial relationship between PrideAM and the supporters of Pride Brand Makeover.

Here's what happened last year

In 2017 the judges selected these five campaigns as great examples of how mainstream work can be made LGBT+ friendly.

Age UK, No-one should have no-one, by Drum

The Army, This is belonging, by Karmarama

Lloyds Bank, For the next step, by adam&eveDDB

Snickers, You’re not you, by AMV BBDO

Tommee Tippee, 24-hour-Mum, by MRM-Meteorite

Congratulations to everyone for making a commitment to LGBT+ inclusion and diversity, and especially to these five brands and their creative partners from whom we can all learn a great deal.

And here's what some of 2017's judges had to say: